Friday, December 10, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Event 2010

This will be Bums Away's first stocking stuffer sale. How will it work? For one week (starting Sat, Dec. 11th) if you purchase over $60 worth of product from Bums Away, you will receive a free stocking stuffer with your purchase. Some stocking stuffers are for baby, some are for a toddler, some are for mom, and some can be given to anyone (or kept for yourself). The stocking stuffer will change every day - here is the list of stuffers:

Sat, Dec. 11th - one 30g container of Bum Bum balm. Retail value $12.00.

Sun, Dec. 12th - one Natursutten Natural Pacifier. Retail value $9.99.

Mon, Dec. 13th- two Doll Diapers by Happy Heinys. Retail value $12.00.

Tues, Dec. 14th - one package of Tangerine Vanilla Bath Bombs by Lalabee Bathworks. Retail value $11.95.

Wed, Dec. 15th - one bottle of Organic Baby Wash by Lalabee Bathworks. Retail value $12.95.

Thurs, Dec. 16th - 2 regular size Mama Pads (a great chance to try reusable pads, if you've been thinking about it). Retail value $11.90.

Fri, Dec. 17th - Natural Soy Crayon Rocks by Scwibbles (not recommended for children under 3). Retail value $12.95

Sat, Dec 18th - One pair of Organic Wool Breast Pads by Little Beetle. Retail value $10.80.

Sun, Dec. 19th - One Organic Teething Bonbon by Dress Me Up. Retail value $15.95.

If you want to receive the stocking stuffer, please write the code "STUFFER" in the Comments section when you make your purchase.

* Please note that the $60 purchase limit excludes the purchase of FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers. If you do a combined purchase of FuzziBunz Perfect Size and other items, you must spend at least $60 on other items to qualify (ex if you buy 2 FB for $30 then your total order must be more than $90 to qualify)
*days start at 12:01 am EST and end at 12:00 am EST.