Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday giveaway

Tomorrow is my birthday and approximately the one year anniversary of Bums Away going online. So, to celebrate, we want to give you a present. Make a purchase from Bums Away between now and midnight Nov. 10th (EST), and we will include a free give based on your purchase amount. Please indicate your top 2-3 colour/print choices in the Comments sections as the inventory numbers for the ‘gifts’ will not be accurate – I will update them periodically throughout the day, but I won’t be online all day (especially since it’s my birthday!).

Birthday giveaway details:

Spend more than $50 (not including tax & shipping) get Kanga Sac snack bag (value $7.95) http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=266&c=103

Spend more than$100 (not including tax & shipping) get Snack Happened snack bag (value $12.99) http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=346&c=120

Spend more than $150 (not including tax & shipping) get Eco lunch box (value $24.99) - Please indicate whether you want the Oval set (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=362&c=120) or the three-in-one set (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=363&c=120)

Spend more than $200 (not including tax & shipping) get 3 Sprouts Organic Storage bin (value $40). http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=335&c=135

Happy shopping!

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