Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school....

Back to school ads are here whether your child is old enough to be going back to school this September, going to school for the first time, or you’re looking at your baby or toddler and thinking that school is years away.

Even if your child is years away from going to school, the approach of September is a good time to start thinking about snacks and lunches. You’ll probably want your child’s lunch/snack to be healthy, but what do you pack it in? More importantly, how can you pack food in an eco-friendly way?

There are lots of great products out there to help you pack eco-friendly lunches. A few companies have looked at small wet bags, originally designed for dirty cloth diapers, and realized that they would also make great snack and sandwich bags. KangaSac has an excellent little snack bag that is sealed with a zipper so that even toddlers can open it (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=266). They also have sandwich and lunch bags (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/list.php?c=120&pg=&a=y).

Itzy Rizty has taken the idea a step further and designed sandwich bags with prints that kids will love (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=346). Wahmies small Fun Prints Wet Bags can also be used as large sandich bags (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=66). If you’re looking for larger lunch bags with fun prints, try any of the bags designed for holding about 3 diapers. Just because they’ve been designed for diapers, doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for lunches and snacks.

The great thing about all of these bags is they can be rinsed in the sink and re-used (just like plastic sandwich bags). If they get really gross, just throw them in the laundry and they’ll come out nice and clean (unlike plastic sandwich bags). They will also hold cut fruit without leaking (I used one to carry cut-up cantolope and it worked great!).

As for those messier lunch foods like yoghurt and applesauce, try using metal sandwich containers instead of plastic. ECO luncbox has come out with two great stainless steel lunchbox sets – an oval one with two containers (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=362) and a rectangular one with three containers (http://www.bumsawaydiapers.com/products/details.php?p=363).

All these lunch containers are great for kids & the environment. They’re also great for adult lunches.