Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wahmies One-Size Pocket

Another week, another new diaper tested. This week it was the Wahmies one-size pocket diaper. My two favorite features of this diaper are (1) the super-soft velour interior and (2) the insert.

The velour interior is softer than fleece and stays that way even if you hang your diaper up to dry. (Which is something that I like to do because it saves energy and prolongs the life of your diapers). It wicks moisture well.

The insert is the smallest one-size insert that I have ever seen and would certainly be small enough to use on most newborns. Seeing how small it was, I had to wonder whether it would work for an older child so I tested it on my 2 year old daughter. It passed the test with flying colours! (Given that it's made of bamboo, I shouldn't have doubted.)

This diaper has a snap-down front and therefore I would be cautious about recommending it for infants with skinny legs. However, for infants with average to chunky thighs this would be an excellent, affordable diaper.

On a completely frivolous and fun note, some colour options offer a different (from white) colour on the inside of the diaper. After 2 years of changing diapers, I have to say that it's nice to have a bit of variety of colour to look at when doing a diaper change.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rocky Mountain Diapers

I have recently tested Rocky Mountain Diapers on my daughter and am very impressed. She loves her "monkey diaper" (prints are a great way to get toddlers interested in their diapers!).

This is a made in the USA one-size diaper that adjusts in the legs. The extra elastic is hidden within the pocket of the diaper. It is an innovative design and appears to work quite well. I've heard that there is a problem with leaking when baby is between sizes but this is true for most snap diapers as they don't have the exact sizing that Velcro closures allow.

The inner lining of the Rocky Mountain Diaper does a great job of keeping baby dry (definitely better than fleece) when the insert is wet. The insert is an absorbent cotton microfibre insert - great for daytime use.

This diaper only comes with one insert - for smaller babies this can be folded over in the front or back so that it will fit in the diaper when at the smallest setting.

More information about Rocky Mountain Diapers at