Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hemp Pocket Diaper by Happy Heinys

Happy Heinys has recently released a new hemp-lined one-size pocket diaper. I have tried it on my daughter and absolutely love it! My daughter has eczema and her skin has to be dry 99% of the time or she gets an instant diaper rash. For this reason I can't use most pre-folds or fitted diapers unless I use a heavy-duty liner (AppleCheeks fleece/hemp booster). I thought that it would be the same with the new Happy Heinys diaper - not so. It has all the great wicking capabilities of a pocket diaper with the added bonus that a natural fibre (hemp) is now against baby's skin. Used with a hemp Stuffin, it is very absorbent. I love this new diaper!

Incidentally, this diaper is currently being referred to as the 'Beta' pocket diaper as Happy Heinys is having a naming contest for the diaper.